My art is the outward display of my inner truths.

In the past, I’ve allowed fear to stop me from taking risks and as a result have missed out on opportunities for growth. Fortunately, the pain I’ve experienced from stagnation has strengthened my journey into self. I’ve finally learned that the only limits placed on creativity are the limitations I place on myself.

My art is the outward display of my inner truths. I paint from the heart and am excited to share my work with you.

I’m an abstract artist who primarily works with fluid acrylic to create unique paintings. Acrylic pour painting consists of combining acrylic paint with a liquid medium to make a fluid mixture that can easily be poured and spread around on canvas by tilting the surface.

During the painting process, excess paint drips from the painting and collects on a silicone mat that I’ve placed underneath. Once it dries, I peel the paint off the silicone mat and create additional art pieces with it.